Journey through Spain #4

Every evening after an afternoon siesta the school, CLIC , ran a free cultural programme . The ‘senior’ programme was delightfully named the ‘Gastronomia y Vinos ( gastronomy and wine ) programme.’ My week had a tour of the magnificent Plaza de Espana , designed by Sevillian architect Anibal González in 1929. A visit to the Museum of fine arts ( Museo de Bellas Artes), full of baroque style religious art. Then an educational evening of tasting Spanish wine and cheese at ‘Flor de Sal ‘ , Carlos Canal, Sevilla. Whether it was the wine or the delicious Spanish goats cheese or just the warm evening , the group bonded and in halting Spanish or in my case ‘Spanglish’ we enthusiastically decided to extend our evening . We joined one of our ‘ senior’ classmates and her host, the lovely Lola, for a traditional meal in Barrio de Triana.

Lola ordered for us and I was immediately in gastronomic heaven , artichokes in garlic butter with prawns and smoked pork, medallones debuey in antigua salsa ( old sauce) and tiny fried fish.

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  1. Wow Sheila what an amazing experience you are having. When do you start the actual walk? Take are and savour EVERY moment You deserve every themX

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