Journey through Spain #1

Luggage in transit

London to Spain, god knows where

Thought needs no baggage

Luggage in transit ?

Sitting in Madrid airport relishing the glorious moment where all my fears were allayed , I looked out the window, everything seemed bathed in soft gold light . I thought about the saying ‘ it’s the journey not the destination.’ How easy it is to be positive when everything is going well.

I boarded the plane to Seville and in no time we began to descend. It was as flat as my home, Canterbury , New Zealand , patchwork fields of brown and green, stretching for miles . As we came closer I could make out rows of orderly dark green trees, like soldiers on guard. Oranges I surmised. This was Seville , after all , famous for its oranges. That I knew , everything else I was yet to discover. I arrived safely, but where was my luggage?

5 thoughts on “Journey through Spain #1

  1. Great read, Looking forward to next chapter! Hope more luck on your side Sheila. Have a great time xxxx

  2. Hi Sheila,

    Sounds like you are having an adventure. Big time. Having had this happen but not before a big hike like you hope your luggage arrives before you start. Would offer help but not sure if can.

    All the best.


  3. Hi Sheila, I only met you briefly at the Toastmasters club before you left but have really been enjoying your blog so far. I hope one day to be able to do the Camino myself so I will follow your journey with much interest. I was very relieved to hear that you got your luggage back and can only imagine how stressful that might have been – well it would have been for me, you probably handled it with aplomb. Enjoy the next few days and I will look forward to the next update.


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