El Camino onward – the end is just another beginning #7

My goal is huge and I am still a long way from reaching the initial $20000 , and no where near raising enough funds for research to end breast cancer.

Like the El Camino I will take ‘Un paso a la vez ‘(one step at a time )

Thank you to all those who have supported me on this journey so far, together I still believe we can do this.

Sadly 9 women per day are diagnosed in NZ with breast cancer , world wide that has to be hundreds. If you can buy my book Dancing Around Cancer on Amazon Books, to inspire one person going  through cancer  then you are donating to Cancer research to help end this disease in the future.

My certificate …

Santiago Cake. A delicious moist almond cake , flavoured with orange, washed down with an espresso coffee. Perfect..

In the evening I decide to go to the Cathedral. I light candles, at the side for breast cancer , for all those diagnosed and those yet to be diagnosed, for the funds for research to grow, so no one else has to go through the harsh treatments and operations.

Would I do the El Camino again? Yes in an eye blink.

I still have the pottery scallop shell , made by NZ potter , Royce McGlashen in my bag . It has now travelled at least 20120 km and I am quite clear in my mind to whom I will give it to as a memento of this journey and her journey.

Scallop Shell Haiku

Scallop lines converge

All differences dissolved.

Natures map for man?

4 thoughts on “El Camino onward – the end is just another beginning #7

  1. As the El Camino has finished I have finally worked out how to find my messages.!! So sorry for not replying enroute. The nice thing is, rather like photos,I can look at them now and enjoy. Thank you for your amazing support making this possible

  2. Well done you – your writing has given me the most amazing images of where you have been and what you have done. xx

  3. Delighted and thank you for being part of the journey .
    I did this walk to raise funds for research (through the Breast Cancer Foundation) because 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday in New Zealand alone . World wide that probably means 100 women or more per day . The goal is to make this disease history in your life time , together we can join together to make it possible.


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