El Camino onward # 6

…I see some graffiti sprayed on a wall in Spanish. I can translate everything but the last word. I ask a party of Spaniards and they translate for me. Marina’s husband says it’s long she says it’s wide .

Life is short but wide


Life is short but long

There is truth in both, I think . Marina continues to chat to me in English . Her husband loves planes but she is on holiday from working at the airport so she doesn’t want to know anything about plane departures and arrivals.

As we reach the Santiago de Compostela airport, we look upwards, just in time to see the underbelly of an easy jet plane as it flies low over our heads. Marina’s husband is behind us, further back on the track, she says ‘he will be disappointed he has missed seeing the plane.’

Then she asks if I have noticed ‘how food all tastes better on El Camino, an orange is delicious, cheese wonderful , bread is perfectly crusty.’ I thought what a different world view from the breakfast table conversation, I overheard on the first morning.

‘Life can be a slap in the face, ‘ she says smiling. She shows me the action. I can’t help but agree, but as Pope John Paul 11 would say ‘concern yourself with what you can do.’

4 thoughts on “El Camino onward # 6

  1. Many congrats. It sounds absolutely marvelous. I am thrilled for you. This is a wonderful achievement. Sending my love. Xx

  2. Congratulations on making Santiago Sheila. Well done in light of your poor feet. You really are an inspiration, cancel survior and blister survior.

    Deb Fleming
    ChCh Camino Group

  3. Hi Sheila, I have been following your blog. I hope Allbirds give you some free shoes as you have mentioned them many times and you deserve them!!!! I expect you are back in London now as Nina said you would arrive back last Saturday. I will keep in touch as we will be with Jen while you are still in your house so we could meet up.
    Love Angela XX

  4. yes – Allbirds need to come to the party for you – maybe they could give your fund a big donation!

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