El Camino de Santiago and the 10 worst mistakes

The 10 worst mistakes I made walking El Camino de Santiago in Spain

1. First mistake walking for 6 days instead of longer because ‘after 10 days everything is easy’ . So the long term, long distance Pilgrims say . Then again, they are the ones still alive at the end to tell the tale. Those that fell with exhaustion after 6 days have packed up and gone.

2. Next mistake, not knowing , the rhyme I learned in childhood to help my Kiwi English vowels ‘The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain ‘ was Fake News like Santa Claus . The rain and lots of it falls on the hills and turns the tracks to mudslides with cow manure. You need the two P’s , Poles and Ponchos essential!

3. Next mistake . Bringing tons of suntan cream for 30 degree plus ,June walk, in Spain and only a shower proof coat , that wouldn’t keep anyone dry in a shower let alone torrential rain . My polyester padded jacket would have been more useful as a wet dish cloth than as a coat. The ‘El Camino plastic poncho ‘ arranged over your day pack works. Resembling a member of the tortoise family, or mad hunch back monks is a small price to pay for keeping your clothes dry.

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