El Camino begins #1

Finally I arrive in Sarria. It was the day before I was to begin my 120 kilometre walk to Santiago de Compostela, on El Camino de Santiago, on my own, although not alone.

 What will the next day bring ? I opened up a booklet I had brought with me containing reflections and prayers and let the pages fall open. This would be my inspiration and meditation for tomorrow . The first two lines read

Be silent, Still , Aware

For there in your own heart

The spirit is at prayer.

My landlady from Sevilia sent me a Wats Ap. message . I translated the Spanish. It was a fairly rough translation but I understood she was telling me to make three wishes or three prayers before I left on my journey.

I was walking to raise funds for breast cancer research , so the first wish was easy , to reach my goal, of 1000 people on average giving the Breast Cancer Foundation $20 . That would help, but we needed more help to raise enough to make Breast cancer history. I would pray for 1000 other women to also do the same and perhaps together we could eliminate deaths from breast cancer.    The third wish ???

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