Life on the Camino

El Camino de Santiago and the 10 worst mistakes

June 12, 2018

The 10 worst mistakes I made walking El Camino de Santiago in Spain 1. First mistake walking for 6 days instead of longer because ‘after 10 days everything is easy’ . So the long term, long distance Pilgrims say . Then again, they are the ones still alive at the end to tell the tale. […]

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El Camino onward – the end is just another beginning #7

My goal is huge and I am still a long way from reaching the initial $20000 , and no where near raising enough funds for research to end breast cancer. Like the El Camino I will take ‘Un paso a la vez ‘(one step at a time ) Thank you to all those who have […]

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El Camino onward # 6

June 10, 2018

…I see some graffiti sprayed on a wall in Spanish. I can translate everything but the last word. I ask a party of Spaniards and they translate for me. Marina’s husband says it’s long she says it’s wide . Life is short but wide Or Life is short but long There is truth in both, […]

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El Camino onward #5

June 9, 2018

I rose early, opened my book of reflections . A little ragged now , the edges of the booklet have crinkled with the rain. It falls open with a quote by Cicero. Nothing is too hard for him who loves Today I have decided to carry my boots and hope my ‘worlds most comfortable shoe’ […]

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El Camino onward #4

June 8, 2018

I woke at 2 am, with pain in my feet. It was time for more inspiration as I wondered about the next stage on the El Camino. I checked my feet, I had slathered on fermented pawpaw cream to stop my blistered and weeping heels sticking to my socks.   At this stage I am […]

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El Camino onward #3

Today I meet a young man  from Staten Island in the USA . His family originally came from Gallecia, and his Gran is still alive at 105 years . I ask, “ how does she do this,?“ He replies “ she drinks red wine .” We stop for a coffee in the pouring rain. I […]

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El Camino onward #2

June 7, 2018

By 8.30 am we had left the little town of Portomarín on the hill . I stamped my El Camino passport at the church and walked down hill to the bridge and on to Palas de Rei . The path climbed up through forests of Pine, we passed small pinnate Oak trees ,friendly Broom bushes, […]

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El Camino begins #1

Finally I arrive in Sarria. It was the day before I was to begin my 120 kilometre walk to Santiago de Compostela, on El Camino de Santiago, on my own, although not alone.  What will the next day bring ? I opened up a booklet I had brought with me containing reflections and prayers and […]

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My Way

May 12, 2018

My route is known as the Classic Camino Experience on the French path (Camino Frances) walking from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela at the end of the Camino. Santiago de Compostela is a wonderful UNESCO world heritage city. Sarria This is the most populated town on the French Way and a popular starting point for […]

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The Scallop Shell

May 11, 2018

The scallop shell has long been considered a symbol of the Camino de Santiago. The shell is seen on posts and signs along the route. Its relevance may have originally come from a desire for pilgrims to take home a souvenir from the shores of Galicia. Now it has become the symbol of myths and […]

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