Month: June 2018

El Camino de Santiago and the 10 worst mistakes

June 12, 2018

The 10 worst mistakes I made walking El Camino de Santiago in Spain 1. First mistake walking for 6 days instead of longer because ‘after 10 days everything is easy’ . So the long term, long distance Pilgrims say . Then again, they are the ones still alive at the end to tell the tale. […]

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El Camino onward – the end is just another beginning #7

My goal is huge and I am still a long way from reaching the initial $20000 , and no where near raising enough funds for research to end breast cancer. Like the El Camino I will take ‘Un paso a la vez ‘(one step at a time ) Thank you to all those who have […]

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El Camino onward # 6

June 10, 2018

…I see some graffiti sprayed on a wall in Spanish. I can translate everything but the last word. I ask a party of Spaniards and they translate for me. Marina’s husband says it’s long she says it’s wide . Life is short but wide Or Life is short but long There is truth in both, […]

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El Camino onward #5

June 9, 2018

I rose early, opened my book of reflections . A little ragged now , the edges of the booklet have crinkled with the rain. It falls open with a quote by Cicero. Nothing is too hard for him who loves Today I have decided to carry my boots and hope my ‘worlds most comfortable shoe’ […]

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El Camino onward #4

June 8, 2018

I woke at 2 am, with pain in my feet. It was time for more inspiration as I wondered about the next stage on the El Camino. I checked my feet, I had slathered on fermented pawpaw cream to stop my blistered and weeping heels sticking to my socks.   At this stage I am […]

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El Camino onward #3

Today I meet a young man  from Staten Island in the USA . His family originally came from Gallecia, and his Gran is still alive at 105 years . I ask, “ how does she do this,?“ He replies “ she drinks red wine .” We stop for a coffee in the pouring rain. I […]

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El Camino onward #2

June 7, 2018

By 8.30 am we had left the little town of Portomarín on the hill . I stamped my El Camino passport at the church and walked down hill to the bridge and on to Palas de Rei . The path climbed up through forests of Pine, we passed small pinnate Oak trees ,friendly Broom bushes, […]

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El Camino begins #1

Finally I arrive in Sarria. It was the day before I was to begin my 120 kilometre walk to Santiago de Compostela, on El Camino de Santiago, on my own, although not alone.  What will the next day bring ? I opened up a booklet I had brought with me containing reflections and prayers and […]

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Journey through Spain#5

Sleep in?? I was dreaming . At 8 am the cathedral bells were deafening , there was no hiding from this religious festival. The ‘Festividad del Corpus Christie.’  After it finished I visited the Cathedral just in time to see the float of San Francisco being moved back into place. At first all I could […]

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Journey through Spain #4

June 4, 2018

Every evening after an afternoon siesta the school, CLIC , ran a free cultural programme . The ‘senior’ programme was delightfully named the ‘Gastronomia y Vinos ( gastronomy and wine ) programme.’ My week had a tour of the magnificent Plaza de Espana , designed by Sevillian architect Anibal González in 1929. A visit to […]

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